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Jaylor TMR Mixer

Jaylor TMR Mixers

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jaylor feed mixer

It is widely known that using a TMR mixer is helpful to your operation for several reasons. Traditional methods of using a round bale feeder can lead to waste of up to 30%. Conservative estimates of switching to a TMR also put feed savings at 10-15%. You can increase your cow-calf profits, increase milk production, save money by reducing waste, and create a healthier livestock herd, thus increasing your income.


Jaylor TMR mixers are known for their square cut auger that provides higher quality mix, faster speeds and using 20% less horsepower.


Jaylor mixers provide mix uniformity so your livestock cannot sort, leading to better nutrition. With Jaylor’s processing knives, over 14 configurations of discharge for fast, even unloading and fast speeds, farmers have seen great success with Jaylor mixers. There is a mixer for any size operation you might have from smaller producers to large operations.


There are Mini Mixers that are small but mighty models for special needs applications on large or small herd farms.


Single Auger TMR Mixers are offered in four models and are among the most versatile and popular.


Twin Auger TMR Mixers are for large herd operations and can easily handle large or square bales and mix consistently every time.


Heavy Duty TMR Mixers are offered and are capable of blending and transporting mixes up to 75% larger. Large beef and dairy operations love these machines.


Jaylor also offers Truck Mount TMR Mixers, and every Jaylor mixer can be adapted to a truck mount from smaller mixers to the heavy duty styles.


All Jaylor Mixers can be ordered stationary to fit your needs.


storti vertical feed mixer

Jaylor has recently partnered with Storti to distribute their self propelled vertical TMR mixers! These unique mixers combine the latest technology in loading, cutting and mixing to bring you an all in one machine. Check out the full product line here!

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