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Lemken farm tillage

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Lemken rubin lemken heliodor tillage

Both the concept of the Lemken Rubin’s and the company of Lemken themselves have a goal of sustainability.


The Lemken factory is committed to environmental protection and introducing the most forward thinking machines to the market. The Lemken factory itself has parts that are solar powered, has smart heat technology and is overall forward thinking when it comes to building a sustainable environment to make their products that is both beneficial for their employees and for the environment.


The Lemken Rubin can increase your efficiency in several ways. Firstly, the Rubin is a one pass tool that saves on fuel costs by not having to pass numerous times around your field to get the desired results. With the technology of the disc arrangement on the Rubin 12 (large discs with symmetrical arrangement) it enables the rows to work without lateral pull, even if you are driving on a slope. The space between the discs prevents clogging. The first row of discs are tilted outward at a 16 degree angle, while the second row are tilted inward, this staggering prevents any clogs and created a uniformly mixed result.


Organic farmers have been enjoying the benefits of the Lemken Rubin because it will kill weeds without chemicals and it chops the first 4inches of ground, which does not disturb ground below that making it what some organic farmers are looking for. Just think of the fuel and labor costs you could save by only needing to go one pass around your field for the desired results you want for your soil? The savings are great.


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Lemken Juwel Plow

The Lemken Heliodor has all the sustainability features as the Rubin but can work with lower power requirements for both shallow stubble cultivation in light and medium soils and for seedbed prep. You can use the Heliodor for mulch seeding or after ploughing, which makes the Heliodor a versatile machine for your farming operation. The Heliodor features working widths of 8 to 16 Meters (26 to 52 feet) in combination with the Lemken Gigant system carrier to achieve high efficacy in seedbed prep. The Heliodor can be attached to the tractors 3 point hitch linkage system. It has stout spring leaf elements that ensure it works evenly and without blockage even in rocky soils.

The Lemken Juwel is a mounted reversible plow that is easy to use, reliable and can help you achieve better yields. “This plough forms the basis for high and reliable yields via targeted loosening and aeration of the main root zone.”


Some things that make this plow unique are:


• Precise & Safe When Turning: the Lemken Juwel plow uses TurnControl to signifigantly improve the turning process of the plow by allowing a greater clearance between the depth wheel and the soil. This advantage is especially useful on tractors with a low lifting height.


• Safe to Use & Cost Effective on all Soils: The Lemken Juwel has maximum durability due to the new plow body concept which enables the service life to be increased by 50% and the set-up time to be reduced by up to 80%. The parts are manufactured from much harder steel than before.


• Hydromative Overload Element: this makes it easy to avoid obstacles at any time, even if an obstacle is truck from the side, by moving upwards and simultaneously to the side.


• Most of the optional settings can be changed from the comfort of your tractor seat.


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