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TMW Post Driver

Makes Driving Posts Easy

•Works on Skid Steer Loaders, Tractors and Tel-Handlers

• Can Pound Wood and Steel Posts

• Easy to Maintain

Frame Thickness 3/4”

• Plumb Bob Chain, Depth Gauge and Post Puller

Chain for pulling unwanted post

• Dome Head, Flat Head, Chisel & Spike Tips


12 Month Warranty

• Low Profile Design

• Weight 1300 lbs.

• Hydraulic Flow 13-24 GPM

• Blow Rate 400-800 (Blows per minute)

• 3” Chisel Shaft


rite way farm construction equipment

Rock Pickers

riteway rock picker

These rugged, durable rock pickers were the first in the industry to combine a hydraulically-driven rotary rock picker and a fork type picker into one machine.


They have since set the standard and have become the best selling rock pickers in the world. They break up clumps and prepare your soil for seeding.


And Rite Way’s rock windrowers will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your rock picking chores. Its side delivery lets you control the size of the windrows.


Several models available.

riteway rock picker

Land Rollers

Land Rollers are available in 1, 3, 5 and 7 sections and 12-89' in width. With RiteWay Land Rollers you can efficiently press rocks into the ground and leave a smooth surface for a smoother ride when you use your sprayer and a trouble free harvest. A smoother ride means less fuel consumed. You can also break down crop residue or even cornstalks so your field is ready for spring plating!

tubeline farm equipment

Tubeline Accelerator Hay Conditioner

tubeline hay conditioner

The Tubeline accelerator conditions hay simply by running it through adjustable steel crimping rollers, up to 15 mph, it also fluffs the hay allowing the air to flow through and drys from top to bottom. This can speed up your operation and lead to bigger profits.




pitbull silage blade

Pitbull Silage Blades

pitbull dozer blade

Whether you need to push silage efficiently or are looking for a larger blade to push snow or dirt, look no further than the PitBull Dozer Blade. This is a new rep product for Show Me Shortline, and we chose this model for its heavy duty design and it's simple to operate system that gives you ultimate control and power whether you are moving silage, snow or dirt.


PitBull Dozer Blades stand out amongst blades for their heavy duty T1 grade steel and their forward blade control. With the forward blade control you can move the blade up to 48 if needed. As expected with dozers, you will get 30 degree angle left and right, as well as the forward feature and 10 degree tilt angle.


The PitBull Dozer Blades have simple mounts with one pull of a lever and all hydraulics locking into place in one step. There are also optional night lights, extenders to push bigger loads and height extensions for whatever type of job you need to do.


PitBull is known for having the most forward-thinking blades on the market, another reason Show Me Shortline decided to offer these, we strive to offer the latest technology across the board in all our products.


PitBull has this to say about their exclusive HUB under mount bracket ԓPitbull gives operators the most advanced blade in the market, featuring our exclusive HUB design, the industry’s only parallel lift blade and hitch less under mount bracket. The HUB is PitBulls answer to completely eliminating a bulky and awkward lifting assembly permanently mounted to the nose of the tractor. The HUBҒs slim design also provides impressive ground clearance at nearly factory specification. (Brochure, Pitbullblades.com)


For whatever type of job you need moved, PitBull has a size for you. From blade widths of 12ft to 20ft, you can count on PitBull for heavy duty silage, snow, dirt or other material dozers.


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