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keltec farm equipment

Keltec Bale Slicer KT45 & KT56

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keltec bale slicer

We offer two different models of Keltec Bale Slicers, one to slice 4ft bales, the KT45, and one to slice 5ft bales, the KT56. These are both economically priced and designed to make your job more efficient. Keltec bale slicers cut the bale from the bottom to the top and holds the plastic wrap on the bale. Here is what Keltec has to say about the bale slicers:


At Keltec, our aim is to make your life easier:  The Keltec Bale Slice is designed to remove the hassle from the way wrapped bales are fed. Our patented system, which speeds up the operation of feeding, is designed to ensure you have the least amount of work to do with maximum productivity, reducing costs and saving valuable time. The plastic wrap and netting is removed from the bale while the bale is cut, all from the seat of your tractor or digger.


The Keltec bale slice has a patented system of grab, cut and removal is all controlled by one double acting hydraulic service which makes it perfect for loading diet feeders, circular feeders or for use in feeding passages. Add to this the advantage of being able to use the incorporated fork which makes light work of the day to day jobs around the yard and also for easy and safe pushing of silage to desired positions, all from the comfort of your cab.


The Keltec Bale Slice has been proven to increase efficiency and productivity when it comes to feeding livestock. On average, it has been calculated that a minimum of 6 round bales can be fed directly to the feeding passage in as little as 15 minutes, that’s an average of 2.5 minutes per bale without any manual handling of the feed or the plastic.



Keltec 10 Bale Carrier

Article: Make your Life Easier with a Bale Slicer!

This round bale carrier will carry 10 bales, wrapped or unwrapped, with efficiency. Loading and unloading is very easy! You can save money with a carrier like this by:


1) The cost savings and efficiency gained by only having one machine doing all the collecting and transporting from the field to point of delivery. The 10 PACK transporter can move 72 bales per hour on a one kilometer trip and the 8 PACK can collect and move 60 bales per hour.


2) Again on cost savings – there is only need for one machine – no additional lifting or moving machines are needed – one tractor/driver and the attached Keltec Bale Transporter.


3) Because there is only one machine being used, and due to the relatively light laden weight, there is minimal soil compaction.

Our first machine was produced and sold in 1998 and is still working as new. The carrier has been designed so that no bales are damaged during the collecting and moving process.


mchale farm equipment

Show Me Shortline offers a variety of bale handling equipment from McHale to the Midwest. Whether you need to lift bales, wrapped or un wrapped, or if you need to split bales and retain the wrap or all of the above, McHale offers a line of heavy duty bale handling equipment to make your job easier and more efficient.

mchale bale carrier

The McHale R5 round bale handler is a sturdy machine that can lift 2500 pounds and is front tractor mounted. From there, you can tip the bales on their end or horizontal, depending on your needs. The McHale R5 will handle 4ft or 5ft bales. The great thing about this handler is you can position it to have one side remain still while the other grabs, so you can fit into tight spaces and move bales around- something that other lines do not offer.

mchale bale splitter

If you need to split the bales for feeding, the McHale 994 bale splitter is a 3 point hitch machine of massive strength that can also be adapted for front tractor loading as well. With the McHale 994 splitter you can either carry bales with its spikes, or split a bale from the top down. You can even push bale segments into the feeding location you desire.

mchale bale slice

Show Me Shortline offers a McHale Rs4 bale splitter and wrap retainer that offers everything of the 994 but with the ability to retain your plastic wrap from the bale after it its split, making for faster disposal or recycling.

McHale 691 Round Bale Carrier

mchale bale carrier

McHale also offers a 691 round bale handler that runs from the front loader on a tractor. The McHale 691 can carry 2 bales of hay or straw with its spikes or carry one bale of silage with its rotating rollers that are tine reinforced. If you wish to remove the rotating rollers, the McHale 691 then becomes a spoke type handler capable of carrying two bales-so it is versatile in the field.

tubeline farm equipment
tubeline bale accumulator

The Tubeline Accumul8 does just that, it accumulates your bales either in 8, 10, or 12 bales at one time with one machine. This can save you time and manpower. The Accumul8 can be attached directly behind your baler or instant gathering or you can use it behind your truck with the optional hitch adapter for retrieving your bales afterwards. There is no external hydraulics needed with the Accumul8 because each bale triggers a series of switches which guides the next bale into the proper location.

The Accumul8 Grabber makes your operation even more efficient if included in the Accumul8 operation. The Grabber utilizes large curved tines to pick up packs of bales for quick loading into storage and trailers. The grabber is available in 8, 10, or 12 bale sizes to accompany the Accumul8 machine. Grabber are also available for other accumulators as well, contact us for more details on this.


tubeline hay feeder

Do you need an easy to operate round bale feeder? Bale feeders can significantly reduce the amount of hay you waste when feeding livestock. The Tubeline chainless bale feeder has different models depending on what you need. There is a self-loading model, a 3 point hitch model for getting into tight spaces and a stationary model if you need small square bales but want the efficiency of baling large rounds- the stationary model is ideal for custom baling operations.


Most customers prefer the trailed self-loading model, the BF5000SL. This can significantly reduce the amount of work it takes to handle hay and feed your livestock. You can carry 2 large round bales at a time with the Tubeline Bale Feeder. You can carry one on the table and one on the spear.


The Tubeline Bale Feeder has a dual prong hydraulic bale lift that is patented to make loading fast and easy, and to ensure the bale is always in constant control. The Bale Feeder also has a bale lift position gauge that indicates lift height for spearing different size bales as well as a varying speed rotor that turns 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as the bale unravels. The hydraulic bale platform keeps the bale tight against the rotors without the use of chains, so this can save you potential mechanical breakdowns. This is a theme that Show Me Shortline has with all the different manufacturers we chose to distribute and rep- we like to keep you in the field or barn and moving along with your operation, having features on the machine that keep you moving.


So whether you need to feed livestock or simply unroll bales to re bale, check out the Tubeline Bale Feeder in its various models.


Tubeline TechnoBale

tubeline hay trailer

Tube-line introduces one of the safest, fastest and easiest ways to move round bales from the field, all that and less compaction too. Farmers indicated the need for a wagon that could handle both dry and wet bales. The Techno-Bale has been designed so that it can handle bales weighing up to 2000 pounds safely and efficiently. The Techno-Bale models are the result of a process of constant improvements that has resulted in efficient, reliable and durable round bale handling equipment.

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