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The Diamond single Balewrapper is a 3point hitch unit that is economically priced for producers wrapping approximately 400 or less bales per year. This machine is stationary and is powered by the hydraulic motor of the tractor pump. It is equipped with a universal film pre stretcher to give you the best wrap on your bale. It features a display showing number of revolutions of wrap and aluminum rollers provide high quality wrap.

The Diamond trailed single Balewrapper is self-loading and quickly and efficiently wraps bales. The Z577 is equipped with a film cutter and a side tip ramp that will allow you to tip the bale (once wrapped) on its end if desired. The operation is controlled from the tractor cab through levers controlling 3 point hydraulics equipped with Bowden links.


The wrapper also has a programmable counter displaying the current number of bale wrappings, time of operation, number of bales, and an average number of bales per hour. The counter can work independently on three items.




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