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Tubeline Inline Balewrappers- TL5000AX2, TL5500AX2, TL6500AX2

tubeline bale wrapper

It is known that if you do not wrap bales you can expect to lose 1/3 of that bale due to factors like spoilage and livestock sorting out the good parts of your bale and leaving the rest, so start thinking about wrapping hay with a Tubeline inline Balewrapper. It can save you time and money, and is simple to operate with one operator.


Tubeline is the leader in inline wrapping and has been saving farmer’s money for years by inline wrapping their hay. With optional features like:


-Final bale push off


-twin wrap kit


-night working light kits to keep you working


-remote engine start, hydraulic steering


And standard features that include quick set up where you tow into position, fold away tongue, place and wrap end capped bale, lower deck and start wrapping! Other features are standard like easy access to engine, large fuel tank, roller wheels, and limit switch, which can allow one person to get the wrapping job done.


The TL5000 model will wrap round bales up to 5’6”


The TL5500 model will wrap round bales up to 5’6” as well as square bales up to 3’x3’x5’6”


The TL6500 model will wrap round bales up to 6’, single square bales 4’x4’x6’ and 3’x3’x7’ OR double stacked square bales up to 3’x4’x6’


Tubeline Single Balewrappers- TL1700SR & TL1000R

tubeline single bale wrapper



This trailed bale wrapper will wrap BOTH Square AND Round bales! This is a trailed unit that will wrap 3’x3’ square bales from 4feet to 7 feet long and 4’x4’ & 5’x5’6” round bales- making it versatile for whatever kind of bales you need to wrap. This is perfect for small to medium sized producers and custom operators alike. This bale wrapper features a twin wrap kit that uses 2 rolls of 30” film to wrap the bales quickly. It is hydraulically powered, has a wrap cutter, and is made by the trusted inline bale wrapper masters, Tubeline Manufacturing.


tubeline single round bale wrapper

Are you looking for an easy to use, easy to maintain single Balewrapper?


Now you can wrap your hay easier, up to 5X5’6” diameter bales with the Tubeline TL1000R Balewrapper. This easy to use Balewrapper uses tractor hydraulics to spin and rotate the bale while it’s being wrapped so that each bale is wrapped completely and evenly every time. The TL1000R keeps the bale on with bale guides and features a bale counter to ensure your desired amount of wraps.


The film width of this single Balewrapper is 30. The HP required is only 30HP. The three point hitch is a category II. The TL1000R single Balewrapper unloads the bales easily by lifting the 3PH and sitting the bale down. This single Balewrapper is simple to use and is priced at a number you can afford! This single Balewrapper could transform the way you operate your farm and save you money by not losing hay to mold or livestock sorting.


The TL1000R single Balewrapper will wrap both 4ft or up to 5’X5’6”as stated above, a feature which some other single Balewrapper do not. The TL100R single Balewrapper changes easily from 4ft to 5ft by moving the bale guides. So if you have big round bales that you need wrapped, this machine is affordable and efficient and is manufactured by the same people who bring you the best inline Balewrapper in the business, Tubeline Manufacturing.


So whether you need to wrap single bales for sales, for feed, because they are easier to store if you have limited space, or because a single Balewrapper is less expensive, you can rest assured that the TL1000R will not disappoint and will handle the job you need done in hay wrapping.


Tubeline Baleliner

The BaleLiner from Tubeline transforms round bale handling and wrapping into a one man operation. BaleLiner is a system that combines Tubeline’s proven balewrapping performance with a rugged self-loading 8 bale transporter. Now you can setup, retrieve, wrap and roll onto the next field with only one tractor. The BaleLiner not only moves bales, it also transports the wrapper from field to field by piggy backing the unit with no extra equipment needed.

tubeline bale liner
mchale farm equipment
mchale single round bale wrapper mchale orbital bale wrapper

For the medium to high producer, there is a single round bale wrapper that stands out among the pack, the McHale 991 wrapper series. These are trailed units that come in either cable controlled with 4 levers (991 BC) or with fully electronic in tractor settings (991 BE). The McHale 991 single bale wrappers are self-loading, and have a high output rating for producers who need to wrap bales fast and efficiently.


The McHale 991 single round bale wrapper has several patented features that are unique to McHale. The first is the multiple control options. If you get the 991BE you are getting a fully electronic machine with a computer screen in the cab, if you go for the 991BC, you get the 4 lever cable control feature that is also easy to use.


The McHale 991 series has a patented ground supported bale damper system that softly places the finished, wrapped bale back on the ground and if you wish to place it vertical there is a side tip option that is switched with the placement of a pin, for easy side tipping.


The McHale 991 has a heavy duty chassis and lift arm for loading the bales onto. This has been tested over the past 15 years by McHale. Many McHale customers have wrapped 150,000 bales and customers have been happy with the way this heavy-duty bale wrapper has stood up to the task. (www.mchale.net).


The McHale 991 comes with an auto stop function with means once the bale wrapping rotation is engaged the bale will wrap until the number of wraps you desire is accomplished, then it will stop automatically and be ready for offloading and the damper will guide the bale to the ground. This makes for fast and simple bale wrapping


For high output producers, the 991 High Speed Bale Wrapper will increase your production with its speed! As shown in the video below, the high speed wrapper has the great features of the 991 BC/BE units, but with a 50% increase in output. These wrappers will wrap bales in approximately 30 seconds! Some features of this bale wrapper include:


Dispensers: The two 750mm aluminum dispensers maintain a consistent stretch, which maximizes film usage. The dispenser units consist of two aluminum rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios. The two dispensers on the 991 High Speed are stepped so that there is an overlap where the two sheets of plastic come together.


Cut & Tie System: The McHale hydraulically operated cut and tie system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale. This time saving device eliminates the need to manually reattach the film.


Wrapping with one Roll of Film: Whether you arrive at a job with only one roll of film or you are down to your last roll:

The operator can manually adjust the dispenser post height to its maximum position using the height adjustment handle. When in this position the roll of plastic can be put on the dispenser closest to the tractor, with this dispenser position the plastic will be applied to the center of the bale to ensure the correct overlap. The operator can then select the “X1” button on the control console and allow the machine to operate as a single dispenser machine.



Read other great options like Control Console, Automatic Film Break Sensors and Damper System.




McHale 998 Square Balewrapper

mchale square bale wrapper

Do you need a high output square bale wrapper that can wrap 80-100 bales an hour?


The McHale 998 single square bale wrapper is a feature packed single bale wrapping machine that has a conveyor that loads square bales from the field and loads them for wrapping. The McHale 998 square bale wrapper will wrap bales up to 5.9ft in length and can wrap double stacked bales. This self-loading machine will wrap and load at the same time, saving everyone time-which when it comes to baling and wrapping hay means it will save you money.


You can rest assured that you are getting a great product when you get the McHale 998 square bale wrapper. McHale’s research and development is conducted in house and goes through a rigorous testing process before releasing it on the market. McHale is known around the world as a manufacturer of high output, sturdy and of the most advanced technology in the market. While the 998 square bale wrapper is the most advanced in technology, it is also simple to operate through the tractor cab with the expert control console. Advanced technology means easier to use- that’s the wave of the future. With one button you can operate this unit to load the bales and wrap them.


So whether you are a horse operation or prefer square bales, or need to wrap square bales singly or double stacked, take a look at the McHale 998, because it is as high output as they come! The McHale 998 square bale wrapper can set you ahead of the crowd and save you money year after year.


diamond farm equipment
diamond 3 point hitch bale wrapper diamond trailed bale wrapper


The Diamond single Balewrapper is a 3point hitch unit that is economically priced for producers wrapping approximately 400 or less bales per year. This machine is stationary and is powered by the hydraulic motor of the tractor pump. It is equipped with a universal film pre stretcher to give you the best wrap on your bale. It features a display showing number of revolutions of wrap and aluminum rollers provide high quality wrap.



The Diamond trailed single Balewrapper is self-loading and quickly and efficiently wraps bales. The Z577 is equipped with a film cutter and a side tip ramp that will allow you to tip the bale (once wrapped) on its end if desired. The operation is controlled from the tractor cab through levers controlling 3 point hydraulics equipped with Bowden links.


The wrapper also has a programmable counter displaying the current number of bale wrappings, time of operation, number of bales, and an average number of bales per hour. The counter can work independently on three items.



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