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teagle farm equipment

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Teagle Tomahawk 8500

teagle bale processor

Show Me Shortline offers a 125 bushel capacity bale processor that has customers saving time and money.


The Teagle Tomahawk 8500 bale processor is the professional’s choice when it comes to bedding, feeding or processing hay in dry or wet material. The Teagle Tomahawk 8500 has a standard swivel chute with 280 degree rotation, a single cross beater, adjustable feed slide on swivel chute model, a remote tailgate switch so you do not have to return to the cab to load bales, slip and overrun clutch on the PTO, bed speed indicator, high pressure hydraulic filter and capacity to process 125 bushels.


This diverse machine can feed silage or baled hay, spread straw or corn stalks up to 80 and has a wider body for greater capacity and easier loading of 5ft wide bales. This machine is industrial grade durability because of the wear resistant steel plate in the fan housing. Again, this machine is suitable for corn stalks and will process 2 5ft rounds bales or 2 6ft square bales (with extension). It will chop to between 4-6inches after processed. The maximum blow distance on the Tomahawk 8500 is 80ft. it will handle wet or dry material.


So if you want to save on labor and material costs for bedding, reduce waste and increase milk or beef production by feeding, or improve TMR mixer efficiency and stimulate digesting by processing your hay or other material, look no further than the 8500 Teagle Tomahawk bale processor. If you have a feeding, bedding or processing need, wet or dry material, round or square bales, Teagle has a machine for you.



Teagle Tomahawk 8550/8150/7150

Teagle Tomahawk 9500

This category of bale processors produces 64,500 chops per minute and can process 6 tons an hour for of straw for TMR mixers or bedding. These units will handle square or round bales.


Chop short/spread long at the touch of a button.


The Dual-Chop system incorporates a set of retractable blades that can be repositioned at the touch of a button, changing straw output from short chop (around 4cm) to no chop, and back again when desired in a matter of seconds.


Features include:


-heavy duty bed chain


-easy loading


-easy maintenance


-8 paddle fan


-electric controls


-visual feedback



The Tomahawk 9500 is ideal for farmers where a combination of maneuverability and high capacity is required. The Tomahawk 9500s wide body and twin cross beater ensure easy loading and large capacity. Large diameter fan in a hardox housing spreads straw up to 72’ and feeds clamp or chopped bale silage.


Standard features:



-9500SC swivel chute


-robust tailgate and straightforward maintenance access


-heavy duty bed chain


-twin cross beaters


-tailgate switch


-wireless Bluetooth control



teagle hay shredder teagle bale shredder

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teagle tomahawk bale processor

Owning a feeder/bedder can save you labor costs because one person can now easily do several jobs, one machine can do two jobs-bed and feed. And preprocessed straw for mixer wagons improves TMR mixer efficiency by reducing processing time.


The Teagle Tomahawk 1010 model is a trailed bale processor that will handle round bales up to 5’x6’, silage and dry material and has a blow distance of up to 80ft. It has electric and hydraulic controls, duel cross beaters and a minimum PTO of 90HP.


The Teagle 1010 delivers great accuracy whether feeding or spreading with features like:


-Heavy Duty bed chain


-hydraulic filter


-tailgate switch


-twin cross beaters


-electric controls


-8 paddle fan


-robust transmission


-road light kit


-swivel chute


-slip and overrun on PTO


teagle tomahawk bale shredder teagle straw blower

The 505M is a straightforward processing range that is made for straw and is a box model that will blow straw up to 30’ and can discharge on one or both sides of the tractor. The blades or hammers chop dry material until its small enough to pass through the holes in the screen.


Features include:


-direct drive


-choice of material chop length


-knife system


-hammer system


-chute on/off levers


-slip and overrun on PTO


-easy loading


Other models in this category include 404M, 505XLM.


The Telehawk is a straw blower that allows you to access all areas with its rotating 280degrees swivel chute that can deliver straw to either side or in front of the machine. Some features include:


-Round or Rectangular Bales - Self loading operation, no tractor required.


-Save Straw - Bales are thoroughly teased apart.


-Excellent Visibility - Front mounted for optimum visibility of the bedding operation.


-Less Stress - Machine weight is close to the headstock.


-Improve Animal Comfort - Evenly spread straw up to 13.5m in bedding areas.


tubeline farm equipment

Need to process square bales on your skid steer, tractor loader or telehandler?


Whether you need to fit into tight spots where a trailed unit will not fit or you prefer to feed or bed from your skid steer, the Tubeline Boss 1 is a great addition to your farming operation.


The Tubeline Boss 1 has a unique loader-mount design allows you to raise the BOSS 1 above gates and pens providing greater control of where the processed bale ends up. The versatility of a loader mounted unit makes operating it easier and more comfortable. Because the BOSS 1 is up front, loading bales is quick; simply Scoop n’ Go.


The BOSS 1 is available in both 10 Series for straw, and the new 20 Series for straw and hay. The 20 Series provides better material management allowing tougher materials to flow through effortlessly whether you’re windrowing, bunk feeding or livestock bedding. Utilizing features such as the removable folding floor and retainer bars, you can rest easy knowing the new BOSS 1 20 series has you covered.


Likewise, do you need to bed or feed square bales but want a trailed unit that is fully adjustable to fit anywhere from 3ft x 3ft bales to 4ft x 4ft bales, up to 9ft long monsters? Then the Tubeline Boss 2 is what you need!


This is what Tubeline has to say about the Boss II square bale processor: The adjustable distribution chute allows the same machine to bed livestock with bales of straw then feed into bunkers or windrows with only a quick adjustment. The adjustments donӒt stop there. The BOSS 2 is also equipped with adjustable cutting knives that help to further chop up bedding material for a finer and more consistent spread.

The hydraulic feed is also adjustable, allowing you to control the flow and speed of feeding. The flail roller is PTO-driven and adaptable to either 540 or 1000 RPM, while the upper paddle roller is hydraulically controlled and also fully adjustable. The hydraulic self-loading forks allow you to load one bale and have another standing by ready to go.

The Bale BOSS 2 can be customized with an optional narrow wheel track making it ideal for spreading straw over delicate berry fields. This option also includes suitcase weights to balance the unit.


We also offer the Bale Boss 4 which can carry up to four 4’x4’x9’and the bales are easily loaded with the hydraulic self loading deck.

Tubeline Bale Boss R

tubeline boss round bale shredder

A new model called the Tubeline Bale Boss R is available and it comes with the same great features as all the Boss models but is equipped for round bales up to 4’ wide x 6’ in diameter. The Bale Boss R picks up the round bales placing them onto the apron chain, the apron chain then grabs onto the bale turning it against the restrictor bars as the flail rotor pulls apart the bale.



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